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A REST API Implementation to Jira Cloud APIs for creating reports and for performing other Jira queries.


Install using pip. You have to be on python >= 3.6.x to utilize this script. From version 0.7.9 will require Python 3.8.x and above.

  • Download python and install on your device by visiting

  • Run the below command either using a virtual environment or from your python alias

pip install jiraone


python3 -m pip install jiraone

Classes, functions and methods

jiraone comes with various classes, functions and methods. Aliases as well, are used to represent links to classes and functions. The major ones to take note of are the ones shown on the directory link below.

If you would like more information on how to use the classes, methods or functions. Open the jiraone package and read the docstring on the aforementioned methods or functions to get further information.

If you’re connecting to a Jira server or data centre, you must change the API endpoint to point to server instances. To do that, change the attribute LOGIN.api = False this helps to use the endpoint /rest/api/latest which is compatible with Jira server or datacenter.

from jiraone import LOGIN

data = "username", "password", ""
LOGIN.api = False

The above login method applies only when you need to access a Jira server or datacenter type instances. The above has little or no effect on cloud instances and will work normally.


API Reference